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Dean Close Preparatory School Girls-U12A vs  IAPS regionals
On: Friday, 01 Mar 2019
Venue: Away

We started the day in great spirits, hopeful that we could qualify for the Nationals as we have been playing well all term. Nuala rolling her ankle in the warm up before we had even played 1 game didn't help, but we soldiered on! There was excellent play throughout the day - Korangtema was superb at GK (a position she doesn't play that often), linking really well with Liv. Molly got loads of tips and intercepts off opposition back lines/side lines which was great to see. Corinna slotted in beautifully and considering she hasn't been playing with this group, did a stellar job. Mid court was marshalled well by Caitlin, backed up by Emma and Florence. We finished 3rd in the end, which was probably the right result - Millfield and Taunton were the best two teams there, but great to finish top of the rest!

v King's Hall W 7-4

v Millfield L15-10

v Beaudesert W 7-5

v Taunton L 16-8

v Wycliffe W 15-4

v Abberley Hall D 10-10